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Monday, January 23, 2006

Hate For Future Sister-In-Laws

Porcia from What Sounds Like Hell

I hate my boyfriend's sister. She is the epitome of what is wrong with this country today. This manipulative, self-serving, backstabbing, fat pothead whore has the audacity to think she's smarter than me. The bitch never finished the 5th grade!!!! She quit her job at the gas station and moved in with her mother because it was 'too stressful.' All this so that she could stay at home, smoke blunts and eat fried food all day, while nagging her cokehead baby's daddy and paying little to no attention to her 3 year old daughter, who should be in daycare somewhere. So lazy is this creature, that she turned down welfare assistance because they were going to make her get her GED!!! What the fuck!? To all fat, lazy whores who continue to push me into a higher tax bracket with their non-working asses, yet still think they're smarter than me because I have to work a job everyday and they don't....I HATE YOU!!!

Wow, I actually have nothing to say...she sounds lovely.

Hate For One-Uppers

Ryan from Elmira College

Your typical I know more and I can do everything better than you kid. This is the douche bag who will take everything you say or everything you said you did and tell us of he said it (or would have) or did it 10 times better. More commonly, his stories usually end in something along the lines of 'and I was so wasted too.' This is the person at the party you avoid standing in a circle with to tell of all your real escapades or sweet new jokes from collegehumor.

You damn right thems some sweet jokes on CH.

Hate For Feelings

Mike Z. from Tulane University

I fucking hate Emo kids. It's a whole culture of 14-year-old boys wishing they had the balls to end their miserable lives. They listen to all the same bands, but are almost as big of music-snobs as indie kids. No one reads your shitty livejournal entries, emo kid. No, I don't hear the innerards of your soul screaming in that song. No, I won't listen "Rip My Soul Apart" by Suffocate Me Dry, or even "Stabby Rip Stab Stab" by Blood Red Romance. They all do that shitty flip thing with their dyed black hair. Bleeding heart t-shirts of their favorite shitty bands. Black square- rimmed glasses. I know you're not actually a fan of anarchy, so stop wearing the fucking wristband, asshole. In a scene where the whole idea is defiance from the norm, all these fuckers look exactly alike. Grow up, emo kid. Hell, cheer up. If life sucks so much, end it. If you don't want to, stop fucking complaining.

If you'd only read my Xanga, you'd totally get why I cry/cut.

Hate For Immigrants


KC from Texas

I live in South Texas, I am surrounded by people who know English but speak Spanish and I fucking hate it. IF YOU KNOW ENGLISH, SPEAK IT!!! Please!! If you can order food, buy clothes, and go to school speaking fucking English, then speak it all the time!! Don't stand behind me in a store, a movie line, the grocery store, or wherever the fuck I am that day and speak Spanish. You know why it pisses me off? Because half the time I see either the bitchy looks from women or the dirty raunchy looks from the men when they're speaking... yes I'm a cute little white girl, no I don't like you, and yes I want you out of my way so shut the fuck up. If you're a bitch talking shit, say it in English bitch cause I will start a fight with you. And if you are dirty ass man speaking Spanish, one of these days someone is gonna know what you're saying and you're gonna get your ass beat. SO SPEAK ENGLISH YOU JACKASSES or GO HOME!!


Hate For Law Abiding Folks

Hank A. from Columbia University

Slow drivers piss me off more than anything else. I'm not one of those people that tears around the streets like my ass is on fire but holy shit, I'd like to get where I'm going eventually. I don't get it. What's the problem here? Did their car somehow come with peddles and they're too tired out from being such douchebags that they can't peddle any faster? And speaking of cars, why are slow fuckers always driving nice cars. Here's an idea: give me your Lexus and I'll let you drive my shit bucket, which is great at slow speeds. It's like these people come out for a Sunday drive 7 days a week and ALWAYS at rush hour. Only at rush hour. If you don't feel confident enough to drive, TAKE THE FUCKING BUS. i think my next car will be a bulldozer so I can shovel these inconsiderate assholes right off the road.

Bro, you live in New York...what do you need a car for?