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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hate For K-Fed

George H. hates
He is the poster child for white trash all he needs is a trailer and a car on blocks. Not only has he ruined Brittany Spears life and the other girl he has two children with. He has also ruined the world; people now think it's cool to dress as a complete scum bag. These people now flood every bar you go to in hopes of scoring a chick like Brittany. What they don't realize is that she is white trash too, and if that's the girl you want then you should move to Po Dunk County and you can score one there. If any one should have there nuts cut off its him, I mean seriously he could impregnate a girl from 6ft away and then just as easily leave them and take there money. Then this guy tries to make a CD....JUST FOR THE RECORD YOU HAVE NO MUSIC retard friend has more music ability then he does. My final thoughts are these....take the Budweiser out of your hand and out of your ass, put the drugs down, get a job and some new clothes, and for once shower. You probably smell like a monkey's ass.


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