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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hate For The Highway

Jasmine from USC
I spend a good two hours driving a day and the trucks that get on the freeways in OC and LA really piss me off. I understand that for the most part they are larger vehicles so they cant take ramps as fast, but driving 40 with a posted speed limit of 65 (which everyone knows means drive 80) is just absolutely ridiculous. If I drove a Hummer I would just ram them. However, as I am confined to a Civic, I must simply channel my rage into hoping that they will catch a glance of my severely discontented face, which of course they won't because they are approximately one story above me. And that is just the big rigs. In Orange County we also get a lot of gardener trucks on the freeway. These idiots also drive slow simply because they cannot afford to get pulled over for fear of being deported back to Central America. But the slow driving isn't the only terrible part of the gardener trucks. These are usually early 90s pickups that have been shoddily converted into gardener trucks which house lawnmowers, rakes, shovels and whatever else it is that gardeners use. Said tools are barely attached to said truck which, quite frankly, scares me to death. Now it is to be understood that if they drove much faster on the freeway then these rusted landscaping mediums might actually fall off causing even more anger on my part, but my point is that none of these vehicles should be allowed on the freeway. Ever. It is with great rarity the freeways in Southern California are clear enough to actually go the speed limit. Please don't ruin it for the rest of us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just shake your head and mouth the phrase "malfunctioner". You can guess what that interprets to in the mind of any idiot motorist.

Look menacing, too.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Zander Ashley Foucault said...

Dear Jasmine,
Did you really get into USC? I'm just asking, because although an entertaining rant about traffic, I wonder if you realize the significance of those "trucks" on the highway. Yes, they go slow, and yes, they make you doing mach 5 in your car cumbersome, but most of them do weigh close to 75,000 lbs when fully loaded. If you were asleep for most basic science classes, I'll explain the simple physics of it all. First, because of their length, height, and weight, hey are extremely top heavy, so taking on ramps and such at even the posted speed limit is dangerous.(2) Because of the weight factor, they take about 20 times the distance to come up to a reasonable freeway speed, not to mention the fact that their transmissions most commonly have at least 10 gears.(3) They can't stop like you can when you see that lacrosse hottie, a starbucks, or a bank. They take the legth of 3 football fields to stop when weighing 70,000 lbs, and taveling at a speed of 65 mph. Not to mention the fact that the trailers brake seperately from the tractor, using a combination of air brakes. So traveling at 40 mph in SoCal traffic
is probably the safest thing they can do. I am in no way saying that there aren't dumb truck drivers, but
I am surely saying that there are dumb ass trust fund babies that drive Civics. By the way, how do you think you get the majority of your precious material possesions...that's right, they are brought in on trucks. In fact Jas, trucks move at one point or another, 100% of the goods in the great 'ol US of A. So, yes, you may feel a great injustice in the fact you can't break traffic laws because you're late, but before you rant about something, mabe put a little of that USC education to work.

6:20 PM  

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