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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hate For Caring

Cher from Windsor University really hates
I hate those people who pretend to care about public tragedies as if it were their own. I am not heartless, and I do have compassion, but I'm not about to spend an hour saying 'what a great man that police officer was' near tears about someone whom I have never met, planned to meet, and maybe would have had the pleasure of meeting in a traffic stop as a crammed my weed in my glove compartment. Maybe you feel that pretending to know someone important makes you important. Or maybe you know that anything you say can't be argued because the person in question is dead. You're not a fucking superior person for faking to care about some random. No one buys it. You don't have enough close friends to care about, so you hold onto these imaginary ones you find out about in the news. If you actually went through the pain of losing someone you care about, you wouldn't want to even fake that feeling ever again. You fucking make me sick with your 'moments of silence' and hugs of comfort. You never knew the fucking guy! Take your donations and carnations and shove them up your ass! I fucking hate you!


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