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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hate for Social Awareness

Scott S. form Benedictine College
I hate all those that need causes. All your tears and hours for some under-spoken group that you're sure needs saving. Stop trying to end (insert cause that no one really gives a shit about... abortion, drinking, starving homeless dogs). If the world needed your help, they'd hire you. Get out of my face and stop sending petitions to my mailbox. Honestly, I don't care about that kid in South America, if I don't feed him cocaine will. Also, you non-traditional students. Yeah, so I get it that you've lived longer than me and saw more shit happen to fuck up the world. I don't care about your opinions in class and how things were different in your day. This is my time and computers and other "magical sci-fi machines" like the internet bill-pay are easy to use and understand. So the next time you enroll in Finance 101, don't tell me how the last time you did taxes was with the G.I. Bill and a slide ruler.


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