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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hate For The Loud...Again

Liz T. from the University of Iowa
I hate people that feel the need to let everyone around them know what they did last night by talking on their cell phone at mach ten volume in a crowed space.. For example when you have to ride the bus to class and you have nine million fucking freshmen on their phones talking at high volume so everyone around them can hear how cool their new fucking shoes (that they bought with their parents money anyway) are or how "wasted" they got last night.. Guess what?!.. I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT! I'm still trying to understand why I even got up to go to class since it is way to early to be up anyway, and I don't need to hear your nails on a chalk board babble about how hot the guy you met last night was.. Congratulations! you are the fucking coolest person I know because you don't have any real friends with which to discuss such things so you need to let everyone on the fucking campus know how cool you are and how everyone likes you, fanfuckingtastic next time get a ride to class with one of your minions and leave the rest of us in half asleep disoriented peace. If you fucking talk like that when you are not on your cell phone, then i am baffled how you have any friends with which to go out anyway, since they would all be deaf by now and not able to talk on a phone. In closing, here is a word of advice for you cell phone braggarts, just keep your fucking mouth shut and talk about it when you see your "friends" because if I'm not already talking to you and inquiring about your night then guess what, I really don't give a shit. So shut the fuck up and let me ponder how my professor is teaching at an American University when he can barely speak English himself.
That teacher is teaching there the same way you're living here; through equality, and the fact that back in the Slovakia his people are being slaughtered by the thousands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hon guess what it doesnt change when you get out of college.Only now youre listening to oh so important business deals and
personal conversations[kids work exc]that you could still care less about.Inconsideration and rudeness unfortunately doesnt have a age limit.

3:25 PM  

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