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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hate For The Loud

Steve From Philly
I hate people who stand idly bullshitting with their friends in the middle of a staircase. I'm no safety freak or anything, so this normally just bothers me as much as any other midday delay. But if there happens to be a fire in the
building and I have to get out post haste, I won't hesitate to trample all over you people standing and talking on the stairs. But when I'm not being chased by a massive wall of fire and would just like to get where I'm going before tomorrow, your dignity takes precedence. I'm just nice like that. I try to be courteous and wait for you to move voluntarily, but when you refuse to acknowledge the traffic jam of people that is building up behind you, my slight displeasure quickly escalates into furious hatred. Is this how my thoughtful courtesy is compensated for? Furthermore, I would just like to state for the record that I do not, in any way, consider myself a sexist, of any sort. But the fact remains that a good portion of the offenders in the case described above are female. I'd have to estimate that at least 75% of all these stair-standers are girls. I'm not making any sort of judgment here about the fairer sex in general, I'm just being respectfully observant of those guilty of such an offense. Likewise, I neither consider myself a racist any more than I consider myself a sexist. But, it's difficult not to notice the skin color of the people who are making my mornings, afternoons, and evenings miserably frustrating. What is it that has given you the idea that the middle of a narrow, high-traffic staircase in the busiest building on campus is the proper place to hold a conversation? Why, yap-yap-yappy sorority girls, do you have no manners at all? Why, unnecessarily loud and animated black girls, must you congregate in a busy public place? Please, take your business outside or just call your friends on the phone later in the day. Thank you.
Actually, I hate people who talk in the stairways as well. It's annoying and a fire hazard.


Anonymous Kate Schaich said...

Actually, my favorite is when an entire sorority decides they must eat together and therefore wait for their counterparts in the middle of the hallway in front of the cafeteria. People are squeezing and sliding around them and they just stand there in their fecking cloud of Greekness, completely oblivious that they are blocking the whole hallway.

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