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Monday, February 20, 2006

Hate For The Immature

Trey S. from Wichita State University
You know what I hate? People that make a big fucking deal about the "shocker". I go to school at Wichita State and that is our mascot. So of course we have to take all this bullshit because the founders of the school lost a bet a hundred years ago and chose this quaint little name for our mascot..(well they kinda shortened it from Wheatshocker, if that somehow makes it any better). Every basketball game that I've attended has been that much more enjoyable because I can flash the "shocker" all the time and I don't get in trouble for doing it..fuck, I see 5 year olds flashing it and mommy and daddy think it's so cute and adorable. Now, because every fucking high school kid in America is putting it in their senior pictures, adults are finally starting to catch on. Giving someone the bird used to be an offense that was punishable with a nice "fuck you too buddy!", but now people are bitching about the shock mainly because they just found out what it meant 15 minutes ago, trust me it's kinda funny trying to explain to your parents what two in the boot, one in the coot means. I wish the people of America would stick to something worth bitching about. Like the fact that Duke will always be in the Top 10 in college basketball, or that McDonald's stops serving breakfast before 11..damn the arches!
But dude, it's so funny. I throw it up in every single picture taken of me. Even in my senior class portrait. That's how badass I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought it was "Two in the pink; one in the stink." Anyway, I used to cheer for Wright State (another WSU) and went to nationals in Daytona Beach against Wichita State. I thought it was so freaking awesome that you guys got to rock the shocker at public sports events. We're stuck trying to make some stupid wolf head with our fingers.

11:18 AM  
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