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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hate For Wannabes

Anthony C. from Bloomsburd University

I cannot stand people who pretend to be drunk to be "cool". I can see right through you asshole! Nothing pisses me off more than hanging out at a party and seeing a fake drunk. You’re not cool just because you’re drunk. Especially when you drink two beers and your "gone". You can't be "gone" after two beers if you weigh 180 lbs shithead. You’re a disgrace to drunk college kids everywhere. If I could I would pecker-slap each and every one of you square in the face. Don't get me wrong. If girls want to pretend to get drunk so they have a valid excuse for hooking up with each other and taking off their clothes... that’s cool. But seriously if you’re not really drunk don't be a faggot. You know who you are and so does everyone around you. I categorize you along with the pink-shirt wearing, collar-poppin bitches. Yeah you stooped down to their gayness. I think that all these little butt-fuckers should be executed....ok maybe that’s a little harsh... but at least pecker-slapped by one of those monster cocks only seen on the internet. I think I'll end on that note......pecker-slapped by monster cocks...fake drunken bastards!

'Pecker-slapped by monster cocks'...classic.


Blogger gohomebeaners said...

if u wake up the next morning with a hangover from a hard night of drinking then u fall in the category of a wannabe pussy drinkers.

12:37 AM  

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