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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hate For The Thrifty

Amanda K. from Pitt

I hate the fuckers who refuse to spend money on soda at restaurants and ask for a water cup instead but then still get soda--you have screwed us all over. I don't drink soda, I actually get the water. But due to you lying cheap-ass bastards, I have to get a cup about the size of a thimble for my water. I want a big fucking glass. But no, I am forced to drink out of something that might as well be my little sister's Barbie's glass because the stores need a way to manage people like you. Please start paying the fucking 2 bucks, get the damn soda, and let me get a big glass; I'm thirsty!

Hey, I aint about to pay a whole dollar for costs them, like, 2 cents to make.


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