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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hate For Nostalgics

Chris from Syracuse

I would like to formally issue the label of cocksucker fuckbag to each of you lame ass motherfuckers who feel the need to give examples from your high school life every time a professor covers a new topic in class. Put your fucking fat arm down and just listen to the professor. I know your 18 years of sucking at life makes you the most educated motherfucker in the world and you plan on spreading your knowledge to each and every one of us. Here is a heads up, I don't fucking care... no one could give half a shit. My guess is that you spent your high school career getting beaten down by other people who hate you just like I do. I’m sure you spent your weekends getting assplowed by the swim team. I don't need to hear about your eating disorder, your friends eating disorder or any minute detail of your fucking waste that you call your life. I can only hope that the next time you raise your hand to speak, a fucking angry grenade-wielding midget crawls into your ass and ends the pain for all of us. I hate you, everyone else hates you and we all want you to either shut the fuck up or die. I even hate your parents for creating a child as fucking stupid as you. I can only hope your father’s dick gets mangled in a farming accident to secure the future of this planet from other dumb fucks like yourself being created. Here is a tip: just shut the fuck up and let the professor teach class. They know what they are doing. All I want is for you to shut your damn mouth and maybe we will get out of class 5 minutes early for once. Dick!

Normally I mock the haters, but in this case, I couldn'y agree more.


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