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Monday, January 23, 2006

Hate For Law Abiding Folks

Hank A. from Columbia University

Slow drivers piss me off more than anything else. I'm not one of those people that tears around the streets like my ass is on fire but holy shit, I'd like to get where I'm going eventually. I don't get it. What's the problem here? Did their car somehow come with peddles and they're too tired out from being such douchebags that they can't peddle any faster? And speaking of cars, why are slow fuckers always driving nice cars. Here's an idea: give me your Lexus and I'll let you drive my shit bucket, which is great at slow speeds. It's like these people come out for a Sunday drive 7 days a week and ALWAYS at rush hour. Only at rush hour. If you don't feel confident enough to drive, TAKE THE FUCKING BUS. i think my next car will be a bulldozer so I can shovel these inconsiderate assholes right off the road.

Bro, you live in New York...what do you need a car for?


Anonymous LIZ T. said...

amen brother amen!!

7:37 PM  
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Take the train dumb ass

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