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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hate For Italianate Peoples

Kyle I. from the working world

Gotti-boy wannabe: You can always find this asshole at a bar downtown that he thinks is trendy, he will be wearing his Armani exchange shirt that he bought off of ebay and his fake diamond studs in his ear. But you can always tell this asshole by his haircut, the blow out, he apparently enjoys looking like sonic the hedge hog. He usually has been on way to much steroids and tans entirely way too much. Now I am not against guys trying to make themselves look good but good lord take yourself out of the oven and look in the mirror you are officially a douche and I HATE YOU.

If you hate this kind of person you should never attend my alma mater, Fordham. This basically describes 88% of the male student population.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

indeed, i know where you are coming from. and as an italian american, i am equally offended by the all guido gotti disciples running around out there. they give all us sensible italians a very bad reputation.

10:22 PM  

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