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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hate For Imaginary Creatures

Graham D. from Brooklyn

I FUCKING HATE CAVE TROLLS! Just because they're the size of a small house doesn't mean that they're any better than the rest of us! They go around smashing shit for no reason, eating people, and having intercourse with animals. IT'S UNACCEPTABLE! Not only are they obnoxious but they're stupid. Most of them probably don't even know their own names. The other day I was just walking down furman street and one of them comes along and throws over someone's car with them inside it for no reason. Maybe he was having a bad day? Maybe cave trolls are just assholes! The entire world would be a better place if cave trolls just stopped killing people, stopped fucking cows, and left us alone! Go back to your mountains where you're wanted, you freaks!

Get laid much?


Blogger Lauren said...

They're just misunderstood.

2:25 PM  

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