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Monday, January 23, 2006

Hate For Feelings

Mike Z. from Tulane University

I fucking hate Emo kids. It's a whole culture of 14-year-old boys wishing they had the balls to end their miserable lives. They listen to all the same bands, but are almost as big of music-snobs as indie kids. No one reads your shitty livejournal entries, emo kid. No, I don't hear the innerards of your soul screaming in that song. No, I won't listen "Rip My Soul Apart" by Suffocate Me Dry, or even "Stabby Rip Stab Stab" by Blood Red Romance. They all do that shitty flip thing with their dyed black hair. Bleeding heart t-shirts of their favorite shitty bands. Black square- rimmed glasses. I know you're not actually a fan of anarchy, so stop wearing the fucking wristband, asshole. In a scene where the whole idea is defiance from the norm, all these fuckers look exactly alike. Grow up, emo kid. Hell, cheer up. If life sucks so much, end it. If you don't want to, stop fucking complaining.

If you'd only read my Xanga, you'd totally get why I cry/cut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

granted they are a watered-down pussy-ass version of the grungers of yesteryear...still and all, theyre 1000x better than the douchebags

11:55 PM  
Blogger gohomebeaners said...

plus those fairy fucking faggots are always saying how they hate the government and how the war in iraq is fucked up. Im pretty sure of one of those cry baby pussies had any family members die from all those sand niggers bombing everything in sight theyd have changed feelings or at least have the nuts drop. Plus all the guys that wear eye liner and pink convers and have bitch bangs look fucking rediculous. but whatever none of them are going to be worth anything to society in the future because their all to busy to try to make it big with their dog shit garage bands. So ill end this post with saying that emo kids should end it before they are homeless and worthless.

12:35 AM  

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