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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hate for Morons


I really hate people that are always wearing too much clothing like winter jackets when its barely fall. Or Pants and sweatshirts and its the middle of summer. You people make me sweat you looking at you. Go die!

To be fair, a lot of those people are really fat and don't want to show off their supple me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hate for Haters: Brandon S.

Darin D. hates Brandon S.
You know, I would not hate you for having views that differ from a particular party or group; though, I do hate you for being a complete fucking idiot. Your analogy of the differences between religion and evolution were riveting. So, you do believe in God, but Noah was a fairy tale? That is deep man. No wonder everyone calls you the "evil left wing terrorist". Its not because they disagree with your views, its because you are an uneducated moron who gathers his political views from MTV News.
As for the Bush comments...whatever. Everyone has an opinion but at least you did not act like you had information as to why you hate him. Billy Joe from Green Day said so, right? No, thats right, it was because Bush is against gay marriage. While I agree that gay marriage will likely not lead to marrying horses, it comes down to one simple fact. A man should not fuck another man in the ass. Why? Because its fucking nasty. I could go into the whole pro-creation thing, but I am sure that is a fairy tale to you also.
As if the above were not have to run head first, swan diving over the line of complete stupidity and talk about the "sand niggers" that "are being killed left and right because of our stupid acts of 'anti-terrorism'". I guess you would have rather had the genocide (look up the definition) taking place while Saddam was in office. That way MTV would not have reported on it and you would have never known because, lets be honest, Fox, CNN, and MSNBC use words that are too big for you don't they?
In closing, I must say that I empathize with you about having views that differ from what a particular sect believes and support your right for a difference of opinion. The problem occurs (as I am sure it does in your conversations with women...or men you are trying to sleep with) when you write/talk too much. You are then exposed as the person you are: Uneducated, low self esteem, and in all likelihood, probably end up running as a Democrat in an election.

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