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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hate for Immigrants

I really hate "the non-english speaker at work". look buddy, you live in a country where you NEED to learn english. get it NNNEEEDDDDDDD. Wait, i guess you don't. You have used the word "colodge" to describe "close", "club" and "curry chicken" you fuckwit. I don't know why your sorry ass was hired but your dumb groinless self has gotten me into trouble more times than i can count because I could not understand your babble. Im open to Immigrants, fuck, I am one, BUT I WENT TO THE TROUBLE OF LEARNING ENGLISH BEFORE APPLYING FOR A JOB HERE. So next time you say "Bukasmyshuitra" im gonna punch you in the neck because "YEU TE URESK" "YA TIBEA NI LUBLIU" "JE T'HAIS" "I HATE YOU"

Whatever happened to all the immigrants from Eastern Europe? Man, now THOSE were immigrants, not like these drag-asses we have today.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hate for the Right

Brandon S. from Minnesota

I fucking hate all the right wingers who think just because i disagree with them on one or two issues I am all of the sudden an evil left wing terrorist. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I am a moderate, I know some of you crazy fuck pot right wingers try to act like those kind of republicans went extinct years ago, but we're still fucking here. Just because I want younger generations to fucking learn that evolution is real and not that your fairy tale of noah is the truth. Yes I beleive in God, yes I beleive he started the univers, but no I don't think he controls every last fucking thing that has happened. Also so what if I don't fucking like Bush, just because I think he's an oil rich war loving maniac doesn't mean i'm against our troops. I love our troops, the local unit from my home town was activated last year with dozens of people I knew from school. I can be against the war but still support our troops, so fuck you again. Plus I think gays should be allowed to marry, oh my gosh now people are going to get married to horses, FUCKING BULLSHIT, you are the same fucking idiots who said that when interracial marriages were happening and you thought black people were going to literally make the planet explode. Fuck all the people who say they support the middle eastern fight but all they do is sit around and call them "sand niggers" you are fucking idiots, if you beleive so greatly in the "good" we are doing in the middle east why do you do nothing but insult it's people and act like their deaths don't matter, those poor people are being killed left and right because of our stupid acts of "anti terrorism". So there thats some of the main reasons I FUCKING HATE THOSE FUCKING STUPID RIGHT WINGS CRAZY FUCKS WHO THINK JUST BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE WITH THEM ON EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING THAT I WOULD PERSONALLY LIKE TO SUICIDE BOMB THE LOCAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH. And for all you people at home reading this I would like you to take this time to figure out the direction of Washington D.C. right now, and for the next minute give the Bush Administration and all their crazy ass right wing supporters the one fingered salute, CAUSE I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon, I hate to tell you but preliminary tests have shown that black people may, in fact, make the world explode someday. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hate for Wierdos

Kevin P. of London, England

I hate people who constantly stare in your eyes during convesation, (unless of course they're beautiful women, which is rare). These low life assclowns give me the most uncomfortable vibe that i feel like i have only three choices to elude the already lame conversation that you are trying to have with me. 1)Do a little reverse psycology and enter a grueling staring contest till he/she becomes unconfortable. 2) Throw out the "i have to piss like a racehorse" line and bolt. And if worst comes to worst 3) Spit on my hand and slap them across the face like the bitch that you are. So Chreepy Chris, or Tera the Toolbox, talk to me like a human, not someone who I feel like is eye-fucking the shit out of me (thanks Wedding Crashers)!!

A staring contest is somewhat like the running of the bulls in that nobody really wins or has a good time except the people watching.

Hate for the Friend-Zone

James at UMBC

You know what I hate. I hate when you have a friend thats a girl. She wants to hang out with you and make you think that she is interested in you. You go to the fucking mall and she ask's your opinions about cloths, in front of people, like your her gay friend or something. You would do anything for this girl. You think she's everything you could ever ask for. You think its some deep connection that you'll never have again. You tell her your interested and she strings you along with crap about how it couldn't happen right now but she thinks your great. She goes out with a friend of yours, and acts like he's the greatest mother fucker that walked the planet but he's really just some stoner fuck who isn't worth a penny. Talks about him night and day. Completely devoted to the peice of shit. Drags you along with their relationship by treating you as the middle man. You hang in with some hope because you've lied to your self about how great she is and you think your in some crappy love movie where things are gonna work out at the end. Everytime she comes back from college she has some story about all the great people she's meet and all the fun and partys, while your at some crappy community college working like a dog, and living with your parents. You say fuck her finally and then she shows up and acts all into you again and you go back to the way it was before. Calls everyday, wants back rubs, hanging our with her family, and says your the closest guy friend she's ever had. But don't cross that line. You get so stressed out you go out a drink to much wreck your car going 15 miles an hour and get a D.U.I. You have no money for the lawyer and all the fines, Your family thinks your an alcaholic. Might as well me cause your living in hell. Then your depressed and friends and co-workers start to make up rumors about you. God only knows what they say about you to her because they're fucking losers and don't have much else to do with their time. She starts to act all distant from you. Says she' s worried about you and hopes your doing well. Cause your such a fucking loser. Never really took the time to get to know you. Took the greatest guy she'll probablly ever meet and ran him into the ground. Fuck You! Fuck You!

When they start complaining to you about their period, then you know you're trouble.