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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mystery Hater: Hate For Immigrants

Unknown Hates:

Racist cuban woman at work, I HATE YOU!!! You only make $25,000 a year, yet you act so fucking high and mighty because, oh my goodness, you are bilingual!! Well fucking la-di-dah. Guess what bitch: Bienvenido a Miami. Everyone here is bilingual. Think you can talk shit about a work study while she's in the room just because you're talking in spanish? I'm 5'9, blonde hair and green eyes, I can't possibly be hispanic! GOOD DEDUCEMENT YOU FAT WHORE. Ever hear of spanish classes? That's right you stupid cubana, comprendo espanol muy bien!!! So next time you feel the need to talk smack about my "falda corta", I'm not gonna let it bother me, because we all know you're just jealous that no piece of denim could ever stretch over your swollen stumps you call legs. And as my way of thanking you for the wonderful compliment, I have a present for you: enjoy the 40hr mandatory co-worker sensitivity training. Bring your dictionary puta, cause it's in English!!!! Te Odio!!!!!!

Ya know what they say about gets funnier every day.

Hate For Fake-Playas

Jeff C of Brock University Hates

The "All Talk No Walk Playa" Every so often when I'm hanging out with my friend he always says "Hey lets go pick up some girls". Knowing that this is a pathetic attempt to show he is a "playa", I find a girl (that was starring at me mind you) and try to hook them up. I introduced them and everything. But no he has to get all retard shy and walk away. I mean come on I set up the pins and he just doesn't knock them down (Probably needs to polish his ball off some more, ah thank you). To all you shy guys whose balls haven't dropped yet, when you say you want to find a girl mean it 'cause in the end you'll just look like a stupid jerk ass niny face. That's right I said it.

To be fair, not everybody likes bowling. Maybe you should try setting the serve for him instead and see if he spikes it?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Double Hate-Back

Jon B.

To Sara B: I'm not sure whether to continue hating you, to thank you or to offer you my condolences. So here's a "fucking hint" for you. When/if you find a "nice guy", for the love of god don¹t give him the "I like you too much and don¹t want to risk ruining our friendship by dating" line. Holy fuck. If there's ever another Hitler who wipes out an entire race, I hope it's girls who give guys that line. I'm sure Street knows exactly what that's like.

Ouch, I guess you read my article on being a Baxter. I officially declare this Hate-Thread over! Jon, Sara, shake hands and appologize.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hate-Back, Sara B.

Sara B.

Jon G. Wow! I applaud you, that was very moving. i'm sorry you hate me so much, but i guess that's what this site is all about isn't it? Contrary to your beliefs, I'm not the bitch, moron or myth perpetuator you think I am. I AM looking for a nice guy, they just don't seem to be looking for me. I know all guys aren't like that, I was just hating on the ones who were (which seems to be half of my senior class). It seems I don't want to date senior citizens either, or at least ones related to your best friend! lol

I would especially like to compliment you on this vivid piece of diction.."Pull the carrot out of your anus, buy some antibiotics for your crusted vaginal warts and grow a brain that actually works. Bitch." that was impressive. I haven't seen hate like that since 1998.

And about thinking they would change...I guess that was just my little thread of hope I was holding onto. And you also seem to think I'm some superficial ass just looking for the "hotties." That's not the case at all. I'm smarter than that. I just needed to vent about some jerks I had recently come across. So sorry, Jon, but maybe I wouldn't have to complain so much if I came across more nice any "fuckin hints" for that?

Jon, anything to say?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hate For Haters: Sara B.

Jon G. Hates Sara B.
I really, really hate Sara B. People like her are the kind of people who are going help perpetuate the myth that all guys want in life is ass sex with a hot female, and that teenagers are retarded. Here's a fucking hint: IT'S NOT JUST HIGH SCHOOL GUYS. The ones who are like that in high school aren't changing when they get older. To quote my best friend's grandpa, "When I can't remember a girl's name, I just call her 'honey' or 'baby' until she lets me do her, then I ask what her name is." What in the bloody fucking hell makes you think they'd change? Oh wait, you're a fucking MORON with a vagina that emits the stench of deep-fried black death. If you hate guys who only want you for sex, why don't you date a nice guy? Oh, wait, they're not attractive, and god fucking forbid you date a guy for his personality instead of his looks. Pull the carrot out of your anus, buy some antibiotics for your crusted vaginal warts and grow a brain that actually works. Bitch.

I once dated a girl whose anus emitted a cloud of foul-smelling mist whenever I got near her. Turns out, she was a skunk and I was only dreaming...but man, what a weird dream that was.

Hate For PDA

Danielle G. Hates

I hate stupid girls and their public displays of affection.

Especially the ones who talk about you and call you a whore...whenever they're the biggest whorebags in the world! So what if I give my boyfriend a blow job on the weekends...that doesn't make me a bad person. at least I don't come to school with huge hickies on my whole freakin body!

Speaking of stupid girls, they're even worse when they have money...or at least think they do. Who fucking makes a pool in the shape of Texas?? What is that? And back a few years ago...all they did was talk about how bad Texas sucked, and they just wanted to be back in *Florida* nothing against Florida...but Texas is not as bad as you think...and then they brag about their money...and think they're too good for you and give you a tour of their house and tell you how much EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE about...**ANNOYING**

I also hate public displays of affection...especially when it's two nasty people such as Andrea W. and Stephen L...can they not just save all of that for later? I know we all have raging hormones, but everyone else seems to be able to resist humping each other in the middle of calculus...what the fuck? Andrea W...get over yourself!!

You know what the wrost part of PDA is? Not being involved in it.

Hate For Mean Bums

I don't know much about being homeless. In fact, I haven't ever been homeless in my entire life. But, I do see a lot of homeless people everyday and I feel bad for them. Maybe I'll make with some change to help the guy get something to eat (crack), that's just the kind of guy I am. Most of the time these guys are happy to get a few cents and show their appreciation by saying 'thank you' or by not coughing on me, but every once and a while...Oh man. Hey bum, why do you have to be such a dick? Why do you have to call me a 'white asshole' after I just gave you fifty cents? Were you expecting more? Maybe I can cut you a check? Who should I make that out to, Mr. Crazy-ass one-shoe fuckface? You fucking dickhead, if someone is nice enough to try to help you out with a little change maybe you shouldn't spit at them, you sick, sick peice of shit. You give all the other bums a bad name and make me never want to give a bum my change again. Oh, mean bums, I Hate You!

Hate For High School Boys

Sara B hates

i hate high school boys! yes, you, the ones who say...all i want is sex! and i'm a horny little bastard out for nothing but a little booty. do i care about personality, intelligence, character, anything at all? nope. just as long as she doesn't have the mental abilities to realize what a dick i am. i can now understand why girls turn lesbian.

i also hate high school boys and their weird ideas of what a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship should be. your friends are there to hang out with, laugh with, and to go to when you have problems..but a girlfriend?? she's just there to make out with..and some other stuff. what the hell is that? college boys better be different..or else i might as well just kill myself now.

i hate you high school boys! that includes you, sean. you suck. "i think the reason things didn't work out between us was because there was something there??" what the fuck?!? what the fuck is that?? no one says that to someone..unless of're a stupid ass high school boy. and john, you are also a stupid ass high school boy. your girlfriends are idiots, but i guess that makes sense. and they're not even hot! they're just skinny little bitches with no personality you dickweed! i hope they give you gonorrhea.