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Friday, September 02, 2005

Hate For Haters: Julie M

Andrew from Philidephia

I hate people that use the term “WE ARE PENN STATE” (Julie M, this includes you) it’s the stupidest fucking term I have ever heard. What are you, part or the campus or something? Yeah whatever, it’s a big school and half the damn state goes or went there. Get over it, their football team blows now and you still hear that stupid ass WE ARE PENN STATE being thrown around all over the place. Even at their graduations, some douchebag has to stand up and start chanting that and the rest of the cult chimes in. Oh yeah and the branch campus people are pieces of shit?? I went to state school in Pennsylvania as well and there were branch campus’ there too. Did you ever think that maybe some people go to them because they have to work close to home and maybe pay for their own school? Oh, whats that little princess bitch??? Your daddy paid for your tuition and your new red Jetta? And the insurance? And your credit card??? Tough life you must live having everything paid for by daddy and mommy. But I guess you work over the semester breaks at Gap or something so you can get a discount on clothes….that makes your daddy happy since he is saving 20 bucks on your $500 purchases on his credit card. And you are the same little cunt that has daddy’s friend at a company get you some great job that you didn’t have to do shit for. I really hate your kind, but hey, you got a great SAT score, so that should make you, daddy, and mommy proud….so proud that they bought you a brand new car for! Your birthday!!!! I hate you, goodluck in the real world with rent, car payments and bills....but then again, we all know how that will go.

I feel the same way about spoiled princesses. It's like, when I got access to my trust fund, I bought my OWN car. I didn't need Mommy and Daddy's help at all.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hate For Insensitivity

Lee from NWMSU

I hate guys who use the word ‘faggot’ derogatorily, especially the ones who use fag in every other sentence. Not only are they impossible for me have a conversation with, but the cuntshits assume it’s still an okay descriptor to use. It is true they are fucking cumdumpsters whose penis-wart-of-a-mentally shows they picked up the word sometime in middle school, and still HAVE NEVER FUCKING LEFT THE PLACE. I hate them. Every time I hear them I want to stab them in the fucking EYE with a shit covered fork! Or better yet, my really hard dick! At least they might enjoy that, as they’re probably homosexuals themselves, trying to suppress their own flaming subconscious urges for juicy malelove sticks. I can only pray that sparkling unicorns of doom will rain down and impale the stupid hick shits through the ass cracks that are their faces. Fucking homophobes…

I guess Lee wasn't big on the last post...oh well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hate For Conservative Faggots

Gordon S-B at Bard College
I fucking wish that any American asshole who associates being liberal with being a “faggot” would burn in the flaming pits of hell, or at least be locked up in a moldy dungeon for all of eternity, forced to live off of nothing but stale Grape Nuts and warm Bud Light. Okay, so it's not really the end of the world that you're a blind, ignorant douchebag who gets their information spoon fed to them from multinational news corperations and a lying, sniveling president, both of whom function solely for the purpose of making as much of a profit as possible. And yeah, I guess it's cool that you have an irrational hatred towards homosexuals (those dirty, immoral, LIBERAL faggots!) which most likely stems from an extreme lack of confidence in your own sexuality. But come on, my brother, when you start mixing these together in this cauldron of ignorant hate you have going for you, you start to go horribly wrong. Anyone who hates the president, animal cruelty, and useless puddles of diarrhea like yourself likely came to these conclusions based on thought, real morals (not mass produced “Christian” values), and the fucking obvious signs that this country is slowly rotting away. Is it a coincidence that the economy fucking sucks, soldiers are dying for absolutely no reason (like the president really gives a flying shit about people's lives in the middle east, ha!), and the world hates our stuck up country more than ever? No, it is not. It is because our country is being led by rich, old, wrinkled, homophobic men who care only about their own bank accounts and banter about "freedom" while they take away human rights. Read a book, you ignorant fuck; think a little bit about how the world really should be; consider that, perhaps, humans really don't deserve to ever be killed; and for God's sake, realize that everyone should have the opportunity to marry whomever the motherfucking want to marry! We're all gonna die someday, man. Do and believe what you want, but don't take out your frustration caused by your own incompetence on people who actually stand up for their own beliefs and are proud to be who they are. I don't hate conservatives. I hate people who think they're being good conservatives while being led by a string of lies and manipulation. Open your fucking mind, you American asshole.
Yeah, whatever, faggot.

Hate For The Handicapped

Me (not me in the picture though)
When I walk down the street I expect a certain level of ambulatory skill from my fellow city dwellers. If you have two working feet and you enjoy walking slow, you better get out of my way. I don't slow down for just anyone either; stopping 230 pounds is a monumental effort and I don't undertake it lightly. However, there is one group of people I really can't find a way to be mad at no matter how hard I try; the handicapped. Not wheelchair handicapped, but cane handicapped. Yes, they move slow because of a physical disability, but that doesn't mean they can't move over, right? Seriously, is it too much to ask these people to not walk right in the middle of the sidewalk if they are planning on covering about a block every hour and a half? I get it, I understand that it is hard for cane folk to move about freely and walk at the frantic pace of New York but c'mon, giving me a dirty look when I shoulder past you isn't really necessary, is it? No, it's not. It's just about as necessary as telling me I'm a "dickhead" who probably "doesn't have anything important to do anyway." Sometimes I feel like telling these assholes that even though I have the physical ability to run, I don't. Cane people who won't move out of my way...I Hate You!
Wow, I'm a dick.

Hate For Less-Thans

Julie M.
I hate kids that go to off branch, satellite campuses and claim they are part of your university!! They are not. These douchebags spend their time fuckin-off 15 minutes from home and going to highschool parties. Yet, miraculously after their sophmore year they bring their less than impressive gpa and worse SAT scores to a real college i.e. main campus, in my case University Park. Fuck these kids!!! Just because you are too lame to leave home after highschool and have separation anxiety when away from the parental unit for more than a consecutive 48 hours, don't "try out" the college life at home and then bring your 20 year old dumbass to MY university equiped with a campus map and homesickness. PSU.. WE ARE... YOU AREN'T!!!!!!! I hate you satellite campus fucks!!!!!!
I felt the same way about kids that went to University of Pheonix Offline.

Hate For Sad People

Andrea H. Hates
I hate charity case friends. You know the friends that you can't get rid of because they just won't fucking let you, and you're too nice to tell them they are annoying. So you have to hang out with them. All the time. Because they don't understand personal space. Because they're fucking annoying. And have no friends. They are those fucktards that don't realize the reason that you aren't answering thier cell phone calls, IMs and housephone calls is because you are fucking avoiding them like 12 year olds avoid Michael Jackson. The ones that don't realize that the scowl on your face when you hang out with them is because it makes you ill thinking about them. They are the ones with "new friends" all the time because they can't keep an old one to save their life. The ones that would rather have you pity-hang out with them than not hang out with them at all. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's you. I fucking hate you!
Note: Twelve Year Olds don't, in fact, avoid Michael Jackson, which is the reason for all the trouble in the first place.

Hate For The Law

Jake from Minnesota
I really fucking hate the baliff from the St. Louis. County courthouse in Virginia, MN. the last time i went to court. I was there on my 4th underage drinking ticket and after the judge bitched at me about drnking a little whiskey and slapped me with a $1064.00 fine... the smart ass mother fucker says to me when he's walking me to the clerk's office, "ha...expensive whiskey you buy". I hope you get hit by a truck on your way home from work and someone sets your house on fire you piece of shit!!! Think of me pissing on your grave when you're gasping for your last breaths...
4th underage drinking citation..maybe it's not the courts you should hate but your crippling addiction alcohol? Just a thought.

I Hate You All

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