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Monday, December 05, 2005

Triple Reader-on-Reader Hate

Jonas from Germany:

I hate Helen T. From England - because she hates people out of her own misery of being an unloved, fat, bad-hair-job, underpaid hag. That girl with the 'easy life' just tried harder or was waaaaaay smarter than you are. Now bag my groceries.

I hate Linda S. From New Orleans - because it's not a conscient action if a guy pushes a girl's hair down. We don't think about this, it just happens. You don't kick a dog's ass because it wags its tail at you, do you? Now we wag ours at you ... and subconsciously direct you to where the grapes are. It's the way we are built, and I love it. So I hate you.

I hate BJ from Washington U - because the price tag doesn't matter. Popping the collar is a decision far away from monetary backgrounds. It's if you want to portray the successful, cocky, tasteless motherfucker that lays all the chicks you wish you could even talk to - or not. So live with it and don't discriminate others because their polo shirt doesn't have a crocodile. My brother buys Lacoste shirts all the time, and I give him hell for it. Everybody should have a brother like me.

Germans hating people? WTF?


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