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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Reader-on-Reader Hate

Unknown Hater hates Chris M. from Temple U.

I hate the "I'm gonna complain about girls having their period because now I can't fuck them" guy (aka Chis M. from Temple). This is the guy that follows you home and never gets a clue that your not interested in having sex with him and all the crabs that live in his genetalia, so you have to use the ultimate I-can't-hook-up excuse. News flash jackass, the "bitch" probably doesn't have her period, but she probably does upchuck everytime she's sees one of the open wounds from your oral herpes flying at her from across the room. Maybe if you stopped being a dick for one second you would realize that a girl only gets her period for about 5 days a month, not 28. The cherry on top of these lovely std ridden sundaes is that usually they're the guys that think that just because you have your period means you owe them anal sex. Look douchebag, just because i got dicked and ended up with a uterus instead of a flesh turtle (the "I'm gonna complain about girls having their period because now I can't fuck them" guys usually have small penises) doesn't mean I owe you anal sex. I'm trying to spare your feelings with the period excuse here, don't make me chop your penis off and throw it out of a moving car going 90 off a bridge.

Girls lie about having their period? That's lower than low.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn right, the meat head does'nt realize all the "tough guy" bullshit he was TRYING to make himself feel better about lol, himself, is dickshit, wake up honeybums, u just got screwed!!

6:55 PM  

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