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Friday, December 30, 2005

Reader-on-Reader Hate: Nick

Jon K. of the United States Marine Corps hates Nick

Nick, Nick, Nick, Quite possibly the worst ranting of shit I've ever seen. That wasn't even funny you worthless piece of life. I bust balls and take it back with the best of them...but honestly bro, you need to step your game up big time. It's easy for you to sit back beating off to some webcams and insult a man of the military from your basement level piece of shit dorm that hasn't seen a female walk it's halls in decades, but why not challange yourself? Brainstorm with your fellow circle jerkers some funny quips and fast lines poking at my sexuality other than you already overstated fag. And push-ups aren't really done anymore, it's more running and shooting so we can kill Muslims at a high rate so that you can beg a homeless guy to buy you beer outside the 7-11. Nicholas, I will not waste anymore time with you. And like my good man Streeter said, calling a dude in the Marines a fag...good idea. Go ahead and try it in your real life, with lightsaber safely tucked away and see what happens. I'm gonna go service your mother.

You hear that, childhood bullies; I have a guy in the Marines who claims I'm a good man. He's like one step away from repaying all those wedgies you handed out so liberally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this post makes me feel a lot better about all the military recruiting calls that i get at my house. if only you could apply that kind of tact and courtesy to your recruitment efforts, im sure the marines would be flooded with volunteers from all around the country. i mean, who in their right mind wouldnt die for a chance to stand beside this outstanding young gentleman and murder a helpless iraqi in the name of freedom.

you make me sick.
i hope against hope that you die in this war.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope against hope that you die in this war.

You're a sick fuck, you know that? You have no fucking respect for people who are out there in shitty situations doing shitty situations for little fuckers like you who sit at home and insult people on the internet. You disgust me!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That kind of marine is the right kind of marine. Take no shit, especially from terrorists. Believe it or not, "helpless Iraqis" are not being "murdered", terrorists are being obliterated. Rather than going all conspiracy-theory, idealistic "spread love not napalm" bullshit, look at it for what it is: Muslim terrorists will fly planes into buildings, blow up cars, and would kill YOU (anon #1) if they had the chance. Just because you side with them doesn't make them like you, it makes them laugh because "americans" like you are fucking retarded. I HATE YOU ANONYMOUS #1!!!

2:28 PM  
Blogger sandinista said...

my god number three. you are the biggest fucking idiot in the world. Senate was called into session especially to investigate President Bush's reasons to go to war. DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING CLUE HOW RARE THAT IS? no, i know you dont because your are a fucking retard. Furthermore, were never any connections between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussien's government. For christ's sake, Bin-laden and Hussien would hate each other, they were ideaological opposites. Bin Laden was a fundamentalist and Hussien got drunk and slept with whores. They would not associate you fucking idiot. Also, Iraqi INSURGENTS are defending their country from foreign occupants, which is a totally justifiable reason to kill a stupid fucking marine.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Snake Parker said...

Sandinista, you pathetic, anti-American FUCK. I first want to say that in fact no, I do not agree with the war in Iraq. The reasons we went to war were wrong as well as immoral. The war in Iraq is indeed an unjust war. I also do not agree with Presidant Bush's policies nor do I think he thought this war to an end. Even with all of this in mind, you pathetic waste of space, we do have United States troops in these hellacious corners of the world. These are young men and women who give their life for their country, not because they have to-we do not have a draft- but, because they want to. These people are voulnteers for your country. So next time, sandinista, you fucking communist, you wish to make a comment about killing a Marine, remember he/she is doing a job that you are just to fucking pussy to do. Get out from behind your keyboard you pathetic little bitch. And as for you anonymous #1, I pray for your soul you heartless fucking coward! -Snake Parker

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sadi-what-the-fuck-ever-your-name-is, this is Anon#3 back for more shit. Whatever you say is pure speculation, you cock-sucking douche bag.
[Senate was called into session especially to investigate President Bush's reasons to go to war. DO YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING CLUE HOW RARE THAT IS?]
Yeah, it's fuckin' rare, but do you grasp how volatile this political environment is nowadays? Democrats, at any given moment, will try to bash on Republicans, and if they have a chance to make the president look bad for a war, they have every instinct to kill republican credibility - they want the White House next term. Not to say that Republicans are peachy toward Democrats, but look at the comments on here.. Democrats: "Marines should die!" Republicans: "Fuck you, Democrat. Iraqi amd alQaeda terrorists should die."
Nuff said on that, eat shit.

About Saddam and Osama being on opposite ends of the spectrum, who fucking gives a rat's ass. That's pure speculation, and it can be answered with another pure speculation: Osama wants to kill Americans because he's a fundamentalist, Saddam wants to kill Americans so he can stay in power and kill more Iraqis uninhibited. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Extrapolate that phrase, Saddam and Osama can deal with each other for a little while to get shit done. Therefore we need to get shit done first.

Last point, bout your INSURGENTS. Do you really think that, all else aside, democratic government in Iraq is a bad thing? IT's good for them, it's good for us, both now and in the future. Look at the fuckin people, like 80% say their lives are better now w/o Saddam. Sometimes you just have to look at the big picture, void of political ramifications, and say "Saddam's out of power, Osama's on the run, and the common man is happier over there. Was it worth the lives of many American volunteer soldiers? Maybe, maybe not, but a good thing has been done." Fuck you, sand nigger. [Note: I'm not racist toward that nationality, but for the anti-American talk you give, you are obviously a "SAND NIGGER".]
[Note 2: There are white people, and white trash, there are black people, and niggers. Terms have evolved into this 21st century.]

In the end, I hate anti-American cum guzzlers such as sandinista here. Osama hates you too, as does Saddam. Sorry to inform you that your efforts at siding with them have been in vain.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heyyy, don't blame all us democrats for these tree-hugging cock-suckers. i'm no where near republican, but that doesnt make me a military-hating, un-american pussy, like anon #1. we should ship dicks like that overseas and stick 'em in the middle of an Iraqi village and see how long their 'helpless' terrorist friends take pitty on them.
my brother is currently fighting for your freedom. he has a wife and 3 babies waiting for him to come home.
if i met you on the street, i would snap your neck and spit on your corpse.

11:57 PM  

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