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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hate From The Right

!!!HOT READ!!!


My dear god. If I hear one more Goddamned Liberal complain about the ass we're kicking in Iraq, I'm going to club a baby seal on the steps of the Sierra Club headquarters. 2,100 lost? It's substantially lower than the cost of WW2, and thus far I don't see much difference between those brown, bearded assholes and the Nazi's. Why don't we support a Presidential candidate who threw someone else's medals onto the White House lawn, got shot in the ass while trolling a canal in an armored boat, and compared our great nation to some of the worst dictatorships the world has ever known? Or better yet, we can send the worst President in history, Jimmy "The Pussy" Carter, to Cuba to make nice with a group of suger cane farmers who threatened to destroy us with nuclear weapons in the 1960s? I have a better idea, maybe even a solution: let's kick the Christ out of the sodomites who are trying to eliminate our way of life? Sounds great to me, even something our friend and mentor, Jesus, would do. We'll start by ignoring the sissy Congressman who won't stop complaining about the bad intelligece provided them by a scheming administration that was only out to avenge the attempt on the former Commander in Chief's life and strip an impoverished (and religiouly ridiculous) people of their precious oil reserves. Next, we should paint over the arrows pointing East on the floors of the cells of the jagoffs we've captured to face the nearest toilet, so that they know where to look when we shit on their sacred texts, letters from Sheik Abdulla or whatever else we deem inappropriate reading material. And finally, no more damn immigrants. This last initiative is a bit out of context, I know, but for the love of God can we build a wall or something? Tell Jose and his buddies that we can pick our own goddamned watermelons! And if we can't do it, our African population will just have to import them.

If anyone is looking for the reason Mr. Bush was re-elected, go no further than this post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the most offensive thing i've ever read.
i hope the person who wrote this and every likeminded ├╝ber-conservative dies in the fiery destruction of one of the insurgent attacks that their personal politics are solely responsible for. and then i hope the miserable wastes of oxygen who reared him and taught him that this is a good way to think die in a similar fashion.
this is why I.Q. tests should be required in order to register to vote. with opinions like these, this person has no business living, let alone voting.
eat shit and die, republican.

2:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not on either side in regard to politics ... but u fucking retarded liberal, dont use the word uber wen coming back at someone educated about their opinions. who says ur IQ is higher then the republican's? why should he die? why can't he vote? those comments have about as much vailidity as if i said "liberals all hate america and should just move the fuck out if they dont like their nice clothes, fast food, and heated homes" ... o wait that is a valid statement u motherfucker

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not on either side in regard to politics?
let me guess, it's because you're not old enough to vote.
or did you not pass the mandatory iq test?

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Firstly to compare the cost of WWII and the war in Iraq is a grave mistake. Firsty, WWII was not entered unilaterally, and therfore the entire cost of the war was not placed on the United States. Secondly, WWII had a unambigious cause for the U.S entering the war, while Iraq posseses no such action. My second dispute lies with the claim that we are "kicking ass in the war." If kicimg ass means growing anti-american sentiment, even larger growing budget deficit, and increasing amount of american deaths, than I guess we are "kicking ass." I would prefer a presidental canidate who, threw someone elses medals on the whitehouse lawn, which I feel, bears not relevance to his presidental qualifications, to the a president who is squandering our economy, risking social security and other social programs, for an unitiated war and a policy of tax cuts for the rich.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What an educated bunch we have here! Who does that freedom-hating guy think he is? Maybe it's just me, but I'm definitely failing to see where the original author of this poste proved he was educated about his opinions.

David Wilson

P.S. The term "than" is a conjunction used with comparisons and "then" is an adverb that refers to time. Happy Hollidays!

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.....I think you may have possibly hinted at making one valid point in that expulsion of ignorance....maby....mind you I am not a liberal

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read the original post, an image came to my mind. An image the consisted of a guy with a shaved head, hald his teeth missing while there's a half of a puck of chew in his mouth, spiting on the floor of his trailer and slowly poking away the keys on hi mid-80's computer, all the while taking the occasional break to clean his guns and curse at his underfed and possibly rabid dog. Now, I understand that this is an unfair accusation and the person may not be as described, but when someone compares World War II to the War (oops, liberation) of Iraq, I begin to question their intellect. You're right, because millions of people haven't died, we hould keep the war going. And those "brown, bearded assholes and the Nazis" are very much the same. Both were on a quest for Eastern domination and were commiting huge acts of genocide. Good call. Next on, 'Kick the Christ out of the sodomites who are trying to ruin our way of life' Oh I'm sorry, I didnt know it bothered you so much. The comment of the ignoring the 'sissy congressman' and the religiously rediculous is very well rounded. I assume you are Christian from all your references of Christ, and what's rediculous is that you follow a religion which consists of you kissing some higher powers ass so you don't go to hell, but really, since this God is all forgiving, you just have to sincerely ask for forgiveness on your death bed and hey, it's all good. I find that rediculous. I am impressed at your quest for reading censorship. It's very inspiring. Didn't Hitler do that? Yup he did. (Maybe you're no different from a nazi and oh god... maybe you are one of those 'brown, bearded assholes'... quite the ruse you have sir)Finally, your speech on immagration. Bravo, that was phenomenal. As im sure you truly believe, immigrants are the reason for all the badness in the US... not the fucking government. I'd like to end with a question and then a statement. Did you come home from your recent KKK meeting and regurgitate the basic ideas onto this website? Secondly, haven't you seen the 'When September Ends' video by green day? the portrayel of the war makes it pretty obvious that the war is wrong dude. Yes green day. Yes!

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

green day sucks.
but you've made many valid points in your post, sir.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"eat shit and die, republican." - glad to know that the other half of this country is so incredibly peace loving. I may not love democrats ideas, but I don't hate the people who possess those ideas, except when they become douche bags like you, Anon #1. Kinda sound like Saddam when you hope his parents die just like him. Just an observation, mind you. When illegal aliens and dead people stop voting for John Kerry and other democrats, I'll be willing to consider an IQ test (watch out for projects though, you'll undercut your platform by about 20% of your votes) Way to plan and talk shit out of your ass, douche bag!

using green day to argue that the war is wrong? i'm not oging to get into why i think green day sucks, but that's like saying "ooh look at this drawing of a liger on Napolean's t-shirt - it MUST be real!" Art is an expression of an idea, not a basis for an argument against something.

The only reason I say this is because the web site basically requires it, and Anon #1 basically called me out to the playground for a fight. A long long time ago, I fucked your mother while her husband (your "father") watched, and she had a child, she named it "Anon#1". Yes, I'm your real father, you inconsiderate fuck, and I convinced her to not go through with the abortion. I wish I hadn't though. Good night and sleep well.

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't know people would actually take that green day part seriously. meh.

12:19 PM  
Blogger gohomebeaners said...

i think that you should your fantastic "IQ" score and put a gun to your head and kill your self....your not any better than the sand niggers were fighting. Liberal cunt.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the guy who posted this..

"Firsty, WWII was not entered unilaterally."

I'm sorry, did you want some water? Are you firsty? Proofread, for the love of god.

And to the kid that said this post was the most offensive thing he's ever read...
1. You probably don't read often.
2. Half of the post was dripping with sarcasm and if you weren't such a self-righteous ass you probably would have noticed.
3. You don't want us to fight a war against terrorists, but you would like this person and their parents to die? If you can accept not making a stand against terrorism, surely you can learn to live with "uber-conservatives."

3:00 PM  

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