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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hate for Your Elders

John from Virginia Tech

I absolutely hate middle aged selfish ass baby boomers. You guys were kind of cool in the 80s, you had 30 Something. Now, you're OLD!! You can't drive well any more -because your eyesight is shot, but you think wearing glasses will make you look old. What will really make you old is scar tissue from the crash that you caused when you drove your lame ass Buick into my car. And yes Buicks are lame now. I know they were cool back in your time, but so were 'duck and cover' nuclear bomb drills. I'm sorry if you can't read signs that are right in front of your face or tell what color traffic signals are. Buy a seeing eye dog, maybe he can read them for you. You think that just because I have only been out of college for 2 years that I don't know jack. Newsflash, you got out of college 20 years ago!! If you still remember most of the crap you were tought, good for you. I still have most of my memory intact, so don't get mad when I ignore any incorrect 'facts' you may try to teach me. Especially since you know nothing about my field of work but insist on telling me how little I know on a regular basis. And I understand that you worked hard for your money and yadday yadday yadday. Sorry, but I'm not 80 years old so I haven't had the chance to work my fingers to the bone for half a century. And nobody wants to hear your stupid stories!! Especially when you can't even remember half of them. If you think I'm going to call you 'sir' or 'maam' just because your old, your crazier than I thought. If you address me as 'hey' or 'kid', don't expect any pleasantries. And you don't pay my salary, I know this because you didn't sign my paycheck.
Well Mister, who do you think pays for that Treo-phone thingy you love so much?


Anonymous Random Chick said...

Amen to that one... and old people thinking their the hit and have the right to do whatever they want because they're old and have earned it.

5:42 PM  

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