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Friday, December 16, 2005

Hate for Whiners

Chris G at Penn State

Crying because of final exams Charlie: Every morning for a solid week, you drudge gloomily into the shitty campus grille and make it known to everyone there that you had the worst night ever because you had to study for a final. That sucks man, cause even though I have some of the same classes as you, I don't have any finals. In fact, last night I had the best time ever, consisting of going to the best strip club in town, getting a free blowjob, and then blowing lines off the stripper's ass afterwards. FUCK YOU!!! Every college kid in America is strung out on Aderall and Caffine pills for a straight week of hell. Why do you have to piss and moan like you have the hardest week of academia that ever existed? And Jesus Christ, half of your finals are fucking gen-ed. Art history isn't rocket science asshole. Quit bitching and kill yourself. I hate you.

You just don't get it. If you had Schirmer for chem you'd be freaked too. Not everybody can be a philosophy major, jerk.


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