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Friday, December 16, 2005

Hate for Something Personal

Doug from Tulane

I hate myself.

I've never deprived myself of a hookup regardless of how fat or ugly the girl may be. If I have to wake up next to a girl who weighs more than 175 pounds again im gonna jump off of the roof the recreation complex, and thats no joke. Why can't i just go home and masterbate to internet porn? Because im a perverted sexual deviant thats why. Then all year I have to see these ugly girls on campus and be constantly reminded of the time I took that girl home, found out she was virgin, and tried to force my penis into her her vagina through her panties (because its not sex if you use her panties as a condom). Then every single one of my friends must chastize me by reminding me of the time I fucked the girl with one arm, God damnit I hate myself sometimes. OH and I also had sex with my roomates sister, and let me tell you America, there is nothing cool about telling your roomate that you balled his sister.......................twice.

Wow buddy, you've got some issues to work out. Lemme know how that goes.


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