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Friday, December 30, 2005

Hate For The Sensitive

Julia B. of Southern Connecticut State University

I absolutley cannot stand the fucking politically correct bastards who are ruining the spirit of Christmas for our country...Whoever these people are, who just one day decided to denounce all the city 'Christmas Trees' to our now, 'Holiday Trees,' can kiss my ass. I refuse to say, "Happy Holidays" to my customers in fear that they may celebrate Chanukah or Kwanza or some shit. If I offend you, I'm sorry. But the fact that 96% of the population celebrates Christmas should tell one something. MOST OF THE NATION CELEBRATES THIS FUCKING HOLIDAY WHETHER IT BE FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS OR JUST FOR TRADITION. It's bullshit that the people who actually look forward to Christmas year-round must repress all their excitement and withold expressing acknowledgement of this glorious holiday. Now, I'm 22-years old, and I will not be guilted into saying "happy holidays" when I'm forty and have 2 children. I have never been religious by any means but I will raise my children to fully embrace everything having to do with Christmas and what it means to delve into the eggnog, knotted lights, wrapping presents, and everything else. Yes, respect for other religions is important during this time of year, and there are many. However, this is America and I'm sorry, but majority rules. I am NOT downplaying the importance of Chanukah or Kwanza and all the others by any means. These other religions, followed by their own traditions, are important and eclectic and such celebrations are what make this country amazing. This should not go unnoticed. BUT I will not have some stupid hippie telling me that I will from now on, refer to Christmas as just a 'holiday.' I hate to break it to you, but by saying "Merry Christmas" it almost bonds the population. When my customers wish me a Merry Christmas as they head out the door, it's a great feeling to know that we share something special and that it remains part of our culture for years to come. Christmas, I'm sorry, is embedded in the American culture and should forever stay in our culture and not be scrutinized by anyone unwilling to recognize this wonderful holiday.

Interesting fact: Kwanzaa was created in California in 1966. Holidays that are older than Kwanzaa: Arbor Day, Labor Day and my dad's birthday.


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happy ramadan!!!

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