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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hate For The Right

John F. from CUNY Queens

People who hate gay marriage. I'm not even gay, but I wish I was just so I could kick your homo-hating ass and then say, "you just got the crap slapped out of you by a fag, you fucking pussy! What's wrong with you?!" I wouldn't even hate them if they had a logical reason to simply disagree with it. Let's take a look at their current reasons: "It makes a mockery of marriage!!" Yeah, you're totally right dude! Those two guys or girls who love one another and want to share their lives and legal rights with one another are totally ridiculing marriage EVERYWHERE. We need more straight marriages based on gold digging, lying, cheating, appearances, and abuse. You know...good, old fashioned American marriages! Get over it, douchebag, the only thing that can make a mockery of your marriage is how your own marriage is--which is obviously frigid as all hell! "It goes against nature! Woman was not made for woman! Penis was not made for butt!!!!" Yeah, and mouth was not made for kissing....SINNER! Nor was your wife's mouth made for your birthday hummer, so I guess you'll see your neighbors Mister and Mister Lance in that section of hell you think belongs to people who put penises in things that aren't vaginas. "You're changing the definition of marriage!" I had no idea every word we're speaking today is the exactly the same form and definition as it was 5,000 years ago! Oh wait, language is an ever evolving process--and don't worry Billy-Bob, this is the type of evolution that even creationists are allowed to believe in (which if you are one, all credibility in all departments should be fed your mom/sister as a sidedish to your opossums!) "Marriage was not intended for this!" Evolution jokes aside, maybe I do agree with you here. I mean, I certainly don't have too many qualms about getting myself a hottie-for-life by paying the the future missus' father and getting her as one of my many wife-slaves! Earliest forms of marriage RULE! You fucking nutsack! "It's gross!" The most logical argument EVER! No offense to all our man-loving-brothers out there, but I want to see you nailing your husband as much as I want to see my fat neighbor nailing his fat wife. But that doesn't mean they can't do it and that they can't hold hands and tongue each other on the line to the movies. Just because it's not your personal bag of chips, doesn't mean you can ban fat old people marriage. All you woman-loving-sisters out there are quite welcome to start up some sort of public orgy day as far as I'm concerned.

Do yourself a favor and read the next post. Somehow I don't think these two would get along very well.


Blogger tmckel said...

Stupid fucker. "Marriage" is a religious (many religions have it) institution. Most religions are against homosexuality in one way or another. Someone being "against gay marriage" is not the same as someone who "hates gays". I have gay friends (OMG!), and totally support civil unions (do what you want people), but oppose gay marriage. This is simply on the ground that marriage is a religious institution, and whichever church you want to be married by has a right to choose who it marries/endorses.

That being said, I don't think churches and people like me (I'm not into organized religion) have a right to tell the world how to act. For instance, the Catholic church. They may think homosexuals will burn in hell. That's fine, they can think what they want, it's their choice. They don't, in turn, have the right to try to "convince" everyone else of the same idea, let alone try to put it into law that this cannot happen.

I'm tired of this, it's a lot bigger issue than I can say in this, but rest assured, i hate you because you see "opponents of gay marriage" as "gay haters". In the end, I HATE PEOPLE WHO FUCKING PUT FUCKING WORDS IN PEOPLE'S FUCKING MOUTHS. (i.e. you.)

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bastard... Catholics don't give a damn about what your sexual orientation is. I'm catholic and gay so shut the hell up you closed minded idiot.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well obviously catholics dont give a damn...the priests sure dont.


2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me ask you a multiple choice question:
Which of the following would you prefer to be sexually molested by, if you HAD to choose:
A. A woman
B. A man
If you're a straight male and you chose A., then shut the fuck up! Who the fuck are you to tell people to shut up about their opposition to gay marriage. Some of us actually ARE offended by the thought of two men ramrodding each other until their assholes fart the Venezualan alphabet, and you know what shitwit...that's okay! I feel good being offended by that shit and unless you're willing to accept the double-standard and say,"Why I'd love a 5-8 inch tubesteak colon cleansing from a guy just like I would love being raped by a woman!", then stop talking down on people that don't think that what brownstar they're poking should legitimately determine their eligibility to enjoy the marriage.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's from "Cuny Queens" Nuff said.

6:50 PM  

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