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Friday, December 30, 2005

Hate For Preppies

Josh from Virginia Tech

I hate people who think they are cool by think themselves as preppy. Listen, just because you buy a 40 dollars t-shirt or a hat that has rips in it to look vintage, does not make you cool. Honestly, no one thinks you are witty by quoting "we want prenup" from a Kayne West song. Also, preppy does not mean prep. A prep is someone who went to a prep school, aka a boarding school. So if you think yourself as being cool because you are preppy, just remember, preppy is a term poor kids use to make themselves look like they have more money than others. That’s right I said it. First off, buying several 40-dollar t-shirts, 60-dollar jeans, and whatever other overly priced clothes does not make you rich. You look like an idiot trying to seem cool by wearing a pink popped collar shirt, not rich. Second, preps go to schools that cost 30 to 40 thousand dollars a year, (yeah costs the same as Harvard). If you are preppy, you went to public school with everyone else. You thought you were better than everyone else because your dad works for a dotcom. Your dad drives a Lexus, not a Bentley, get over it. Finally, going to a prep school is living hell. Imagine prison but not having any cigarettes. It’s like living in your college dorms, with your professors, with no access to the outside world, to alcohol, or anything for that matter. So if you act like a pretentious asshole to a prep because you are preppy, you most likely get the shit kicked out of you. So, roll down those popped collars, it was cool in the 80s. That’s right, the 80's. You were watching teenage ninja turtles while Duran Duran was thought to be good music. 80's music was popular when you were still in diapers. Do not pretend to like the 80's because the preppy kids in the 80s movies always had a good time to some bad song. The 80's are over, and it has been for 15 years. Get a life, stop buying overly expensive clothes, and for god sakes, lose the attitude.

Duran Duran is STILL good music. If Hungry Like the Wolf is wrong, I don't want to be right. Take your complaints to Rio and dance with them on the sand, hate monger!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

before i proceed to tear this post apart, i should admit that i do personally agree with many of the things that this person has said.
but the fact remains that this post is the most malformed, disorganized, and eclectic collection of dimwitted observations that i've ever seen. there is no structure to speak of here in this misdirected rant. advice to the author: take an inventory of your various hatreds and organize them in a way so as to create some semblance of general intelligence. this post looks as though you just took out the file marked "preppy" and dumped its contents onto the table with your eyes closed and proceeded to declare your distaste for all things preppy. sir, i do agree that the phony public school preppies are deplorable in every concieveable way and i detest their dress with the same firey hatred as yourself. but you simply do not posess the ability to express your hatreds in a people-friendly way.
furthermore, i think we should call into question that 30-40 thousand dollar education that you so slyly bragged about in your post. while a 40 dollar pink popped-collar shirt is a phony status marker for the garden variety preppy kid, so too is your overpriced education an equally phony symbol of wealth and upper class pride. while the typical suburbanite might feel the need to validate their own existence with overpriced shirts and jeans from lacoste and diesel, you and your trust fund friends from boarding school will validate your place in society with diplomas, penned in latin, and country club memberships. sure, you might not dress like a preppy kid cause you abhor the "popped-collar" fad, but a smoking jacket, khaki pants, and blookers arent very far removed from the styles that you detest so very much.

id like to see some editorial discretion on street's behalf. this post sucked. i read this blog periodically hoping to see bleeding-heart liberals duking it out with mouth-breathing conservatives. not a mega-conservative elitist complaining about his slightly less conservative wannabe-prep counterparts.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I stopped reading after the first attempt at a sentence: "I hate people who think they are cool by think [sic] themselves as preppy."

2:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I stopped reading after the first attempt at a sentence: "I hate people who think they are cool by think [sic] themselves as preppy."

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say it...
The writer of this really has NO IDEA what they are talking about! I am a truly East coast born and bred, WASP 'preppy' person, yet i don't go to a boarding school or a private school! May I remind you that even the most upper class of towns are required to have public schools? Of course there are people who go to them as well, myself included because my parents wanted to keep me from the private school environment. Yet I am an honors student who can beat any of my private school friends in any type of an English competition any day! And as for the hatred of the way people dress, YOU NEED TO GET OVER YOURSELVES! I'm sure that there are people (myself probably included) who would not agree with the way YOU dress.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i vouch for you on this one. your totally right. just because we were born on the east coast and our families are wealthy, doesnt mean that we're stuck up and have bad attitudes. and i dont think it should matter where we buy our clothes from even if they are overly priced. obviously that is just the way we were brought up to wear those kinds of clothes. TOTALLY NOT OUR FAULT! and preppy is a life style not just a way of dressing. i think alot of people need to meet a person that's 'preppy' so to speak. that way they'll realize that we aren't all mean and stuck up.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just a 13 year old girl going into 8th grade, but I have become very, "preppy" this past year. Just becuase people are wealthy and they have grown up with the preppy lifestyle, does not make stuck up or a bad person. I love argyle, polos, and oxfords. Does that make me a bad person? Before you start judgining other people, maybe you should look at yourself first. I bet some people don't like your clothing taste. So stop pointing fingers at other people!

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preppy is a style is not the amount of money you have or the school you went to as a kid, yes most "preppy" clothes are expensive but people are willing to spend this much because of the fact that a lot of people like the style that much...ripped jeans or shirts or nowhere near the preppy style among other things that you said so you have no idea what you are talking about.

3:04 PM  

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