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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hate for Many Preppy Things

Jacob L. from East Carolina

I hate the bitches who walk around with "sperrys" and not "topsiders". You know the type, usually big jugs with a cardboard ass wears Abercrombie shit all the time except for that occasionally popped collar polo. Popped collars piss me off, especially when our soccer team does it during a game in which their ass is being kicked. oh, I hate frat boys too. Nothing says douchebag like a pink polo and some chinos with some clogs, that really says faggoty ass frat boy. I also would approve of a mass genocide of all the fuckers who sit around playing johnny cash on their crappy-ass guitars just because his fucking movie came out, play some jimi hendrix or something, christ. mix it up a little, play a god-damned mandolin or something. I also hate the motherfuckers who use a guitar at parties as a prop to get bitches, what a cockblock. finalmente, I hate cockblocks. God has a special place in hell for these people. The guitar cockblock, the wheelchair I'm crippeled cockblock, and the ever so famous guy-friend cockblock, I hate him the most, guy-friend cockblock I loathe you!

It sounds to me like you hate everyone from my home state of Connecticut.


Anonymous prep said...

okay, being preppy is not a bad thing. they arent always sluts and hoes. all my friends are preppy, and i am too, so dont hate. everything else i agree with you on. But maybe you should be a little more are too judgemental. go suck it.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with everything that you said, but I must say this:
The popped collar is the most annoying thing on earth and deserves to burn in eternal hell.
And I am SO over preppy boys.

11:19 AM  

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