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Friday, December 16, 2005

Hate for Lying Rappers

Chapman from Emory University
In stead of studying, i will describe something i hate. Fucking rap songs that talk about guns. Case in Point: Last week, a friend sent me a song called "So Seductive" By Tony Yayo Ft. 50 Cent. It's a song about hot women...(surprise!) But the first few lines say, "Aww...nigga, do you know who you messin wit? We got them German Lugers wit them hollow tips, one shot one kill." What the fuck? The song's about women! Did you raid Hitler's stash? HOw many people are these rappers killing? Nobody cares what you're armed with. "Aww..shawty...we got dem m-16s" What is the point of this arsenal? And another thing, i hate people who think that Scarface is the best movie ever. Everyone here has got a scarface DVD or poster. "man, i'm just like Scarface, came from nuttin, gonna get the world." DID YOU SEE THE GODAMN MOVIE? HE NEARLY HAS SEX WITH HIS SISTER AND GETS SHOT BY LIKE 50 MILLION PEOPLE! If only their fate could be his. Fuck that movie, it's not that good.

Bro, don't talk about Tony Yayo like that...he'll smoke yo ass.


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