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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hate for Haters: Jon K.

Nick hates Jon

People who claim to hate Mtv who actually are just addicted as you and I. Said people claim to have seen the same episode of LagunaBeach so many times that they are able to "quote an entire episode." They also claim to know everything about shows they claim has no value. So how come motherfucker, you can quote Laguna? Why Jon K of the Marines? You big heterosexual asshole you. You sure aren't gay, repressing your feelings of inadequacy--leaving you to only please other men who couldn't 'cut-it' for the opposite sex, are you? You love pussy don't you. You just can't stand being someone who likes laguna beach/the real world/whatever and having other alpha-male-bad-ass- fifteen-year-old-boy-fucker-base-apes tell you you're a "faggot" with a aftertaste of truth, can you? Why don't you do some more push ups so you're not gay. Fag. I HATE YOU!!!!!!! fag.

Calling a dude in the marines a fag...great idea.


Blogger Lauren said...

every marine that i've know either was a fag (fucked one of his marine buddies... several times) or had a serious case of i-am-a-crazy-douche syndrome.

5:29 PM  

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