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Monday, December 19, 2005

Hate For "Douches"

Michael M. of ABAC

I HATE Duche Bags!! Now let me break down what a duche bag is. A duche bag is a guy who wears flip flops with jeans, not only during the summer, but in the winter, when it is fucking freezing cold. Oh yes Mr. Cool, I'll bet you'll look real slick walking around in flip flops with three toes. And why in the hell do you have to pretend to smoke. I always know when I am getting close to a douche when i come across a half, no, 1/4 smoked marlboro because they only light them up when they see a girl coming and then put them out imedeatley after they pass. Man up fellas, if your going to spend the fucking money for them, at least smoke half the damn thing. And why the hell do you have to wear trucker hats everywhere? If I ever see Ashton Kutcher in person I will hit that mother fucker in the face for starting that fad, and then I will help him up and congratulate him for doing Demi. Trucker hats are for truckers and rednecks, not every duche who thinks that they are the fucking shit for wearing the exact same thing everyone else is wearing. The greatest thing about duchebags is that they are absolutely oblivious to the fact that they are gigantic duches. So to all you duches, FUCK YOU IN THE FACE!!!

I believe the word you're looking for is "Douche:" from the French "Douche" meaning "to shower."


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