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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Double Hate: Football Player and Madonna

Jenna the Jew
First, players are always telling me how bad a night they had, when they had a fucking curfew of 10. Come on guys...what did you do? Eat a bad microwave taco and spend your two hours of night shitting by yourself in the locker room bathroom? Yeah.....fucking douche.... and another thing you always go on and on about how much ass you get....but yet I never EVER see you with a girl or a trashy girl leaving your room or you and some random piece of ass fucking in the gutter......your fucking standing in the corner of a party waiting for a girl to come to you bc your "to good looking" to go get your own puss. You make me sick...and another thing your dicks aren't that big....didn't your mother ever tell you that the juice makes your wiener small......Jesus I love you to hate you guys. Oh and your sex anit that good either...yeah Travis I'm talking to you asshole.....never got your dick wet in high school....well that's my shit on players and Madonna is the antichrist and I hate her and if she changes her name to Ester I would still hate her................Happy Fucking Hanukah Ester......Love Jenna the Jew
Don't be jealous of our buldging muscles and/or shrunken testicles.


Blogger Bob said...

Dear Jenna,

You killed my Christ, and for I can't forgive you for that. Please convert. There is a special place in hell reserved for you.

Bob the Christian.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey asshole, did you ever think that i was a christian you fat fuck. go read your damn bible. my mother is a jew and im a go fuck yourself assface

11:41 AM  

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