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Friday, December 16, 2005

Chris M from Stonehill College

Guitar dude next door. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind the guitar and this would be ok if he played it he played during the day or evening. However, he seems to feel that 1 AM when I have a final and need sleep is a much better time to display his musical talent. He also prefers to play when he is so drunk that he can't handle a G chord. I've heard blind, retarded, quadruple amputees using their teeth play better than this guy. Then he sings. And when I say sings, I mean he opens his mouth and sounds of inhuman origin spill from his vocal chords. I would prefer it if they would simply torture a cat next door because it would sound more like music. This man has butchered every song to every to walk the earth with his drunken screeching and if it continues I'm going to ram that acoustic piece of shit up his ass and see how he signs then. It will probably be an improvement.

Don't hate the shred, dude. My band is about to blow up huge! A rep from Interscope is supposed to be coming to our next gig.


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