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Monday, November 28, 2005

Multi-Hate from the Military

Jon K. of the US Marine Corps

Sports Ananlysts not on ESPN or any major network. Nobody cares about your input on the Georgia/Auburn game just because you went to a school for sports management and now have a job on the Southern Alabama Sports Hour that pulls in less ratings then the Norm McDonald show. You usually have a name like Brian McFarley or something that sounds like you were once an average athlete at your small high school nobody has heard of and probably sucked more than that team Butkus coaches.

MTV addicts...esp. about The Real World and Laguna Beach. In case you haven't noticed, MTV doesn't show music anymore and they repeat these horrible shows over and over and over again until you can quote an entire episode. Stop watching this, and watch something else with REAL people doing ACTUAL things. And the people who think these shows aren't scripted, you suck very badly.

People who think everyone in the military is a blood thirsty killer that has no morals. You fucking hippies disgust me...get back to smelling bad and protesting. I also hate the over zealous protestors in colleges. Bro, you go to college, stop bitching. I feel bad you paid the 100,000 dollar cover charge but I get drunk at home and serve our country so you can do so. Don't get me wrong, college kids kick ass, just not the ones who think they are making a DRASTIC difference in the world. I shouldn't even make the cover charge comment, you're probably the tool in the library on a Friday night with the Asian kid that doesn't speak anything but Calculus.

It's not that we think you are all blood thirsty killers, it's just that you're allowed to be and we're not.


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