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Monday, November 28, 2005

Hate for The Stars and Bars

Ben B. From Miami

Confederate Flags. Nothing says, "Hey I'm a fucking redneck" like a representation of the condederate flag on your clothing, automobile, or even in your general viscinity. Sorry to dissappoint you, but the South WILL NOT rise again. In fact, one could argue the degree to which they ever "risen" to in the first place. Now, being a southerner myself I am certainly no fan of yankee notherner types, nor do I enjoy our current regime of government, however; I think it's pretty obvious that shaving your head, wearing camoflauge and watching the Deliverance marathon will never re-establish our nation's capitol as Richmond, Virginia or even Montgomery, Alabama for that matter. Give it up, there is no honor is celebrating a "nation" that existed for a mere 5 years... and for fuck's sakes, take the mud tires off your 2-wheel drive truck and stop fucking your cousins.

If by 'rise' you mean 'drink a lot and complain about the lack of work in town,' then the South certainly will rise again.


Blogger Andrea said...

I really hate when Floridians and Texans claim that they are Southern. They are in a category all by themselves. Florida does not count as the South, so sorry Ben. Stop hating on a flag that represents a crucial piece of US history. Go jump in a pool because you're too good for the ocean.

Andrea, Arkansas

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your damn right were in a category all by themselves...what the hell is so great about alabama or georgia or mississippi? God Bless Texas.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord "Anonymous"! Your post looks like a paper that got a "B+" in English at the University of Texas! You dumb-fuck! Is it possible to say the following: "You're damned right we're in a category all by ourselves"? Is that so hard? Didn't the Texan bitches relate that to you in your 5th year of high school at Tom Landry?

1:26 AM  
Blogger gohomebeaners said...

ben sorry that your a worthless nigger lover. You dont have to do anything or wear anything that a redneck does. And im sure that when they fuck their cousins that its just classifying that their not some kind of queir fucking their boyfriend in the ass you nigger lover. By just reading this post i can tell that your a fairy.

1:05 AM  

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