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Monday, November 28, 2005

Hate for Fakers

Meaghan from GW

Kids who think they're rich, but in actuality if left to fend for themselves, without daddy's money, are just stupid meatheads who dont know how to do anything else but party and cheat at life. Hey, good job, you did absolutely nothing to become extremely wealthy. Great. I'm all for the fucking american dream, but please PLEASE dont tell me that youre better than me because your PARENTS can afford a black card and your spoiled ass gets to use it. Fan-fucking-tastic. I hope your parents realize what fucking degenerate assholes you are and cut you off... you like grey goose? fuck you, try drinking some fucking zelco like a normal fucking college kid. I realize that its tempting, but stop fucking sitting next to me in classes and expecting me to swoon over your fucking muscles and let you cheat off me – I dont think our professor is retarded enough (notice I said ENOUGH) not to realize your essay is full of words your tiny, juiced-out brain is too fucking dumb to comprehend. I hope you wake up in 10 years on a broken futon in a shitty studio apartment in SouthEast DC thats filled with cockroaches you dumb fucking spoiled douche flavored cum dumpster... and yeah, I think youre TOTALLY FUCKING IN THE CLOSET MR EYEBROWS WAXED DUDE IM SO DRUNK I GRAB MY FRAT BROTHERS ASSES IN A NOT FUNNY BUT TOTALLY I WANNA GET POUNDED TONIGHT way. FUCK YOU I FUCKING HATE YOU

Look at how excited she gets right at the end


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