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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hate for Everything: II

Jeff from U of I continues his hating

Nerds: You're smart and that's what you do. I get it. Just stop pretending you're smarter than me. Because chances are you aren't. And if you are there are more ways to be smart than academically. (There are more things to life than academics, b/c just like the sportos, there may come a time when you don't know everything and you're not the smartest, not the best anymore. Don't get discouraged when it happens either.) It could be socially, cognitively, emotionally. There are many kinds of intelligence. And just because you have one kind doesn't mean you're set. You still need to gain maturity (a desperate need for most nerds who act like they're 10 yrs old), a sense of reality, ability to interact with others. The world doesn't completely rely on facts and equations, but people and ideas. Get a clue and stop demeaning others.

Writing about how you hate nerds on a blog may not be the best idea...just a thought.


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