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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hate for Wierdos

Kevin P. of London, England

I hate people who constantly stare in your eyes during convesation, (unless of course they're beautiful women, which is rare). These low life assclowns give me the most uncomfortable vibe that i feel like i have only three choices to elude the already lame conversation that you are trying to have with me. 1)Do a little reverse psycology and enter a grueling staring contest till he/she becomes unconfortable. 2) Throw out the "i have to piss like a racehorse" line and bolt. And if worst comes to worst 3) Spit on my hand and slap them across the face like the bitch that you are. So Chreepy Chris, or Tera the Toolbox, talk to me like a human, not someone who I feel like is eye-fucking the shit out of me (thanks Wedding Crashers)!!

A staring contest is somewhat like the running of the bulls in that nobody really wins or has a good time except the people watching.


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