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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hate for Todd

Matt hates Todd

i hate... todd... your a fat fuck who i've known for 20 years you are useless, your sideburns aren't cool, and you have a chain wallet.... A CHAIN WALLET? why are you wearing this thing i don't think they were ever fashionable, and besides you live in a nice neighborhood where you won't be pickpocketed and don't own a motorcycle why have one? you own cowboy boots and a cowboy hat your 6'3 and 350 i don't think you would ever sit on a horse without cracking its back you greasy sizzled cock... your life is over and your wife is just as ugly and fat as you... i don't know how i ever agreed to be your best man... your life has come full circle so go buy a bullet and rent a gun because being an assistant manager at a convienient store isn't a life worth living... i also hate when you eat because you make sick sick noises when you chew its like your fucking the double quarter pounder and moaning because you think its like going down on your cottage cheese thighed wife... when was the last time we got drunk and i told you that your a fat bastard... 2 years asshole... and you didn't even get drunk at your bachelor party i had to get lappers from the strippers (not that i didn't mind) because your ratfuck wife doesn't believe in strippers you know why? she could never be one... and i don't give a fuck how good at madden 06 you are its a fucking video game it has no bearing on my life... if you want to make me happy leave your heffer of a wife you may have to locate your dick... check her purse for this, come over to my place get drunk and take off your shirt and run down the street yelling at that old bitch that lives down the road like the good old days and never tell me about madden or any other game you play again... eating less would also improve your chances of locating your dick and possibly getting laid by someone other than hippo the oversized circus freak midget, but you being a fat fuck makes me feel better about my own bad looks and makes me look thinner until you meet my demands i will sit on my ass and never call you again you suck and your wife sucked me off 8 years ago on my porch while you were passed out, don't worry you weren't going out then.

Wow, you really do hate Todd, huh? I can't blame you, however, that's a horrible name.


Blogger honkeie2 said...

Todd ....we-todd-did?

11:10 AM  

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