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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hate for a Roommate

Peter from Mesa State
I really hate my douche bag roommate. My roommate always pops his collar. He wears a arm band all through out the day. He pretends to be a skater, but he can't even ride a skateboard. He says, "all sorts, mad faded, so sick, so phat, and he balls" ,after every sentence. He drinks expensive vodka. He would tell me in the morning that he had the worse night ever, because he couldn't get money out of the ATM. He goes shopping when he's upset. He goes to the gym does bicep curls and then leaves. He bitches to his parents when they won't buy something for him. He claims to have been a drug dealer in high school. I found out he wasn't. He whines. He bitches. He always wants to hang out with me. He has a wall full of posters of heavy metal bands and different rappers, when he only listens to the Kottonmouth Kings and Lil' Jon. I fucking hate you. I can't wait until you leave. You're a douche bag. Once again, I HATE YOU.
Is being a drug dealer still cool? I mean, I know it was in high school, but in college? Someone let me know.


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