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Friday, October 07, 2005

Hate for the Right

Brandon S. from Minnesota

I fucking hate all the right wingers who think just because i disagree with them on one or two issues I am all of the sudden an evil left wing terrorist. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I am a moderate, I know some of you crazy fuck pot right wingers try to act like those kind of republicans went extinct years ago, but we're still fucking here. Just because I want younger generations to fucking learn that evolution is real and not that your fairy tale of noah is the truth. Yes I beleive in God, yes I beleive he started the univers, but no I don't think he controls every last fucking thing that has happened. Also so what if I don't fucking like Bush, just because I think he's an oil rich war loving maniac doesn't mean i'm against our troops. I love our troops, the local unit from my home town was activated last year with dozens of people I knew from school. I can be against the war but still support our troops, so fuck you again. Plus I think gays should be allowed to marry, oh my gosh now people are going to get married to horses, FUCKING BULLSHIT, you are the same fucking idiots who said that when interracial marriages were happening and you thought black people were going to literally make the planet explode. Fuck all the people who say they support the middle eastern fight but all they do is sit around and call them "sand niggers" you are fucking idiots, if you beleive so greatly in the "good" we are doing in the middle east why do you do nothing but insult it's people and act like their deaths don't matter, those poor people are being killed left and right because of our stupid acts of "anti terrorism". So there thats some of the main reasons I FUCKING HATE THOSE FUCKING STUPID RIGHT WINGS CRAZY FUCKS WHO THINK JUST BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE WITH THEM ON EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING THAT I WOULD PERSONALLY LIKE TO SUICIDE BOMB THE LOCAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH. And for all you people at home reading this I would like you to take this time to figure out the direction of Washington D.C. right now, and for the next minute give the Bush Administration and all their crazy ass right wing supporters the one fingered salute, CAUSE I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon, I hate to tell you but preliminary tests have shown that black people may, in fact, make the world explode someday. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well brandon you are a lame bitch. Also u suck dicks and u like it a lot so suck your moms dick. you are right about some things. but i hate bush as a president he is a lame bitch. well you fuck you bitch. well bye bitch

3:58 PM  

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