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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hate for Immigrants

I really hate "the non-english speaker at work". look buddy, you live in a country where you NEED to learn english. get it NNNEEEDDDDDDD. Wait, i guess you don't. You have used the word "colodge" to describe "close", "club" and "curry chicken" you fuckwit. I don't know why your sorry ass was hired but your dumb groinless self has gotten me into trouble more times than i can count because I could not understand your babble. Im open to Immigrants, fuck, I am one, BUT I WENT TO THE TROUBLE OF LEARNING ENGLISH BEFORE APPLYING FOR A JOB HERE. So next time you say "Bukasmyshuitra" im gonna punch you in the neck because "YEU TE URESK" "YA TIBEA NI LUBLIU" "JE T'HAIS" "I HATE YOU"

Whatever happened to all the immigrants from Eastern Europe? Man, now THOSE were immigrants, not like these drag-asses we have today.


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