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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hate for IM Etiquette

Georgia H. Hates

I really hate those people that put up the depressed away messages. You know, the ones that say something along the lines of: "I hate my life... I care... Don't I.M. me... School sucks..." If you don't want to be I.M.'ed, THEN SIGN OFF!! You're not going to get attention by being in a bad mood. Just sign off. Or ever better, the people that put up BLANK away messages! What, do you seriously lack the creative capabilities to put something half-intelligent up?? Then there's the away messages that look like this: "..." STOP PUTTING UP PUNCTUATION AS A FORM OF VERBAL COMMUNICATION! I hate you!

Normally I reserve this space to mock the hater who has just posted but in this case, yes, Georgia, that is a very astute point. I hate those people me, we'll talk about it more.


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