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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hate for Everything

Jeff from U of I hates just about everything.

I hate Republicans who think GWB is a conservative. Guess what he's a neo-conservative. I also hate Republicans that are solely Republican because they're religious. Guess what? You're also RE-tarded b/c democrats can believe in God too. I don't want to hear this mightier than though attitude about how I'm a racist and I'm intolerant b/c I actually face the facts rather than ignore them. I don't want your religion to rule my life. Do you want to go live somewhere where you couldn’t eat beef b/c that was against the religion. Really, no? I wouldnt either which is why I want every social conservative to burn in hell (I mean, you believe in it) b/c the world is changing and deal with it. Would the rules that worked back then work now? No? Is that why the constitution is amendable? Stop ruling others lives. Note: This isn't to all Republicans (I think most are misguided), but the ignorant ones need to shut the fuck up now. I'm informed is it so hard for you to be. (By the way I hated Kerry too so shut the fuck up about that fiasco.)

We'll be hearing a lot...A LOT more from Jeff over the next few days. In the meantime, notice how he capitalizes 'republican' but not'democrat'...interesting.


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