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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mystery Hater: Hate For Immigrants

Unknown Hates:

Racist cuban woman at work, I HATE YOU!!! You only make $25,000 a year, yet you act so fucking high and mighty because, oh my goodness, you are bilingual!! Well fucking la-di-dah. Guess what bitch: Bienvenido a Miami. Everyone here is bilingual. Think you can talk shit about a work study while she's in the room just because you're talking in spanish? I'm 5'9, blonde hair and green eyes, I can't possibly be hispanic! GOOD DEDUCEMENT YOU FAT WHORE. Ever hear of spanish classes? That's right you stupid cubana, comprendo espanol muy bien!!! So next time you feel the need to talk smack about my "falda corta", I'm not gonna let it bother me, because we all know you're just jealous that no piece of denim could ever stretch over your swollen stumps you call legs. And as my way of thanking you for the wonderful compliment, I have a present for you: enjoy the 40hr mandatory co-worker sensitivity training. Bring your dictionary puta, cause it's in English!!!! Te Odio!!!!!!

Ya know what they say about gets funnier every day.


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