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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hate For PDA

Danielle G. Hates

I hate stupid girls and their public displays of affection.

Especially the ones who talk about you and call you a whore...whenever they're the biggest whorebags in the world! So what if I give my boyfriend a blow job on the weekends...that doesn't make me a bad person. at least I don't come to school with huge hickies on my whole freakin body!

Speaking of stupid girls, they're even worse when they have money...or at least think they do. Who fucking makes a pool in the shape of Texas?? What is that? And back a few years ago...all they did was talk about how bad Texas sucked, and they just wanted to be back in *Florida* nothing against Florida...but Texas is not as bad as you think...and then they brag about their money...and think they're too good for you and give you a tour of their house and tell you how much EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE about...**ANNOYING**

I also hate public displays of affection...especially when it's two nasty people such as Andrea W. and Stephen L...can they not just save all of that for later? I know we all have raging hormones, but everyone else seems to be able to resist humping each other in the middle of calculus...what the fuck? Andrea W...get over yourself!!

You know what the wrost part of PDA is? Not being involved in it.


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