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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hate For Leftists

Mer F. from Maryland Hates

I hate you fucking fags with your upside down American flags who think you're being all sweet by making a statement when really you're fucking terrorists. How stupid can you fucking liberal anti-war hippies be saying that you want to pull out of the war NOW. JUst proves how fucking insenstive, selfish, oblivious, stupid, and GAY you faggots really are. Oh yea GOOD IDEA-- LET'S STOP THE WAR NOW SO WE CAN SHOW THE WORLD WE WANT TO GET NUKED. Well I've got news for you u feminist-liberal-communist good friend died in Iraq all so he could protect your insensitve asses. So next time you think about whining about our great country --(go ahead i'm not stopping you...after all, the countrty IS free to speak thanks to our President Bush) -- but just remember, you're gonna be working for me. Why, fuckers? Because...unlike you worthless cuntbags, I will earn the money i deserve in our fantastic capitalist society and be true to myself and my potential. IM NOT A FUCKING COP-OUT WHO USES WELFARE AS AN EXCUSE TO SIT AT HOME ON MY WORTHLESS ASS ALL DAY AND SHOOT UP HEROINE WHILE I STEEL CHEAP FURNITURE FOR EXTRA DRUG MONEY -- im a fucking American...not a french asshole. I don't do that shit...I'm better than that. So.... I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU LIBERAL HIPPY ANTI-WAR GAY "FUCK-ME-IN-THE-ASS-N0W" FAGS WITH THE UPSIDE-DOWN U.S. FLAG STICKERS ON YOUR SHITTY HONDA CIVICS. FUCK YOU-- MOVE TO FRANCE...AND IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GO THAT FAR, AT LEAST MOVE TO FUCKING CANADA SO YOU CAN SHARE YOUR HATE WITH THE OTHER FRENCH ASSHOLES UP THERE. IF CANADA DOESNT WANT YOUR UNDESERVED AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP..JUST MOVE TO MEXICO SO YOU CAN GET A NICE BURRITO SHOVED UP YOUR ASS WHILE GETTING RAPED BY SOME DIRTY LAWNMOWING SLUT IN A RANDOM-ASS JAIL OUTSIDE OF EL PASO--- MAYBE AFTER YOU GET A TASTE OF MEXICO YOU'LL START TO APPRECIATE AMERICA....FUCKERS.

I have the distinct sense that Mer here got angrier as this post went on...$10 to whomever can tell me how I figured that out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I'm gay, and I'm not for pulling out of this war now. In fact in the long run, I hope it will be for the better that we got ourselves into this mess. But I don't really appreciate you bashing gay people just to hate some protesters. It shows what kind of "insenstive, selfish, oblivious, stupid" and dirty shit fuck you really are yourself. Hypocrite...

10:48 PM  
Blogger srf said...

Easy, killer...

A lot of us have friends that have died. Some of us have buried them. Politics are politics. Hate is stupid. Chill out. Take a nap. And please don't invoke my friends or their memories for your own own agenda.


3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, some one needs to take a deep breath and count to 10. Now, I can see where you are coming from when you that you are against people who want to pull out of the war, but let's not start calling them names. That just completely undermines your entire arguement. This country is so great because people can have differing opinions and they can express those opinion without fear of reprisal. These insults are helping you at all. They could just as easily come back to you and say that you are a redneck, Neo-Nazi and that you should go back to burning crosses, but insults like that just keep the eternal cycle of hate going. Just remember, keep breathing.

2:12 PM  

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