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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hate For High School Boys

Sara B hates

i hate high school boys! yes, you, the ones who say...all i want is sex! and i'm a horny little bastard out for nothing but a little booty. do i care about personality, intelligence, character, anything at all? nope. just as long as she doesn't have the mental abilities to realize what a dick i am. i can now understand why girls turn lesbian.

i also hate high school boys and their weird ideas of what a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship should be. your friends are there to hang out with, laugh with, and to go to when you have problems..but a girlfriend?? she's just there to make out with..and some other stuff. what the hell is that? college boys better be different..or else i might as well just kill myself now.

i hate you high school boys! that includes you, sean. you suck. "i think the reason things didn't work out between us was because there was something there??" what the fuck?!? what the fuck is that?? no one says that to someone..unless of're a stupid ass high school boy. and john, you are also a stupid ass high school boy. your girlfriends are idiots, but i guess that makes sense. and they're not even hot! they're just skinny little bitches with no personality you dickweed! i hope they give you gonorrhea.



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